The Best Standing Lamps For Under $75

2023-01-03 13:20:01 By : Mr. Judy X

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Figuring out the best lighting for your home is tricky. You might want to have a few places where the ambient is dimmer or brighter, but the ceiling lights aren't working the way you want them to. According to remodeling company Murray Lampert, visitors are the first to notice the lighting in a home when they walk in the door. They'll either feel like the flow of the space is too dark, or they'll have a hard time adjusting. On the other hand, guests might enjoy how the natural light fills the room and observe the small details, like what type of lamps you use, where the furniture is placed, and the color palette. Tiffany Table Light

The Best Standing Lamps For Under $75

If you're renovating a room or decorating for the first time, there are a few tips to get the best lighting in every room – start with lighting to set the tone of the atmosphere. Founder of KLC School of Design, Jenny Gibbs, claims writing down which points you want to highlight in the room makes everything else fall into place, via Industville. Layering is crucial when perfecting a room's lighting to make it come to life. Having ceiling lights won't create an inviting and comforting home; instead, opt for table lamps, standing lamps, and, most importantly, light fixtures that can be dimmed. We know picking out the proper lighting for a room can be challenging, so we rounded up different standing lamps you can use in your home for added depth, texture, and better lighting.

Simple black floor lamps are ideal for minimalist or industrial interiors, making great reading lamps for the living room. It's a 63-inch tall standing lamp which is great if you don't want one that takes a lot of space; this Amazon floor lamp has a small round base and thin matte pole for $29.99.

This stunning pink fringe lampshade is the perfect addition to any vibrant room, especially if you're trying to nail a maximalist aesthetic. The gold base is chic and elegant that will stand out in whichever corner it's placed. It's 59.75 inches tall and available at Target for $63.99.

Add texture to your room with this beautiful handmade paper lampshade for $18.54 on AliExpress that will blend in with a white wall but pop against any other color. The lampshade covers most of the pole, so you'll be able to see a small amount of the black base.

This gorgeous arc floor lamp has a linen drum shade and matte black pole that's adjustable to your desired height so that it can fit even in a small room. The switch is placed on the lamp's base, making it easy to turn it on and off the light with your foot for $59.79.

Dimming light fixtures change the mood in any room from cozy to calming. This unique corner floor lamp is excellent for rooms that don't have enough space for a typical floor lamp. Instead, place it in any dark corner of your bedroom to create a relaxing feel before going to sleep. It's $59.99 on Amazon.

This tripod floor lamp won't hold your phone to help you record your day-to-day life but will add glamour to your room. It has a beautiful bamboo shade that will elevate any boho interior; style it with a jute rug. Three different types range between $30.99 to $35.99.

If you're looking for something subtle but luxurious for a minimalist interior, this fancy torchiere floor lamp has an adjustable head to move around. Plus, it's made of metal, comes in brass and black, and has three dimmable levels for $69.99.

Multifunctional furniture items are practical when you have limited space in your living room, office, or bedroom. This Bestco floor lamp provides light and storage for smaller décors, such as plants, books, and picture frames. It has a charcoal finish and white glass shade available at Walmart for $38.49.

This turquoise lantern floor lamp transforms your living room into a soft mood. Add a delicate look to your living room with this floor lamp next to the couch for $44.99. It would look best in a modern, Scandinavian, or shabby chic interior.

Another multifunctional furniture embellishment is this Costway floor lamp that can also be used as a coat rack. The oak wood base and the white lampshade are versatile and complement a farmhouse or modern interior. You can adjust the height of the base by removing part of the frame; it's $65.99 at Target.

Like the Nordic lamp, this Raybert floor lamp can accommodate any interior to serve as a lamp and décor piece for $67.99. It has a fabric shade that protects your eyes from the light while adding a cozy feel to your room. You can also adjust four dim levels for any time of the day.

Brighten up your living room or office with this striking brass floor lamp with a stacked ball base and neutral shade for $66.99. Style it in a contemporary interior next to the couch to highlight the seating area. It also comes in a black finish for a neutral look.

If you prefer a more spacious shelving unit, this DEWENWILS wooden standing lamp has two shelves wider than the Bestco floor lamp. The rustic brown and beige finish can elevate any modern or monochromatic room and looks best next to a comfortable brown couch. Give your home a classic look; it's available at Target for $69.99.

Spruce up your traditional living space with this transitional gold bronze floor lamp for $42.60. Its opulent bronze finish is topped with a faux silk shade 12 feet tall and has adjustable dimming levels. In addition, it's available in two other finishes to complement your home's interior.

For a nautical-theme living room, this antique spotlight floor lamp is a rare find that makes you feel like you're out at sea. Its handmade spotlight is made of brass and aluminum, and it sits on a tripod of wooden legs for $70.99. Set up this vintage beauty by the couch for guests to notice.

Create a dreamy environment in a mid-century-style living room with this tall tree lamp with lantern shades. It comes in a bronze finish and has dimmable features for $74.99. Set it up by the couch to make it the perfect reading spot, or cozy up the area for watching your favorite movie.

This classic tree floor lamp with hanging lightbulbs adds the perfect finishing touch to any farmhouse, industrial, or retro-style room. The metal base is sleek and comes with LED bulbs to brighten up a dark area for $68.99. Style it next to wood furniture to add contrast to the room or by the couch for extra lighting.

Add color to a mundane space with this green lampshade floor lamp from Amazon for $41.99. Its black metal base is simple but works excellent in any room, especially one that boasts various colors, like a maximalist or farmhouse style.

Style your bedroom with this glam two-sphere head floor lamp that can offer the perfect amount of light for working or reading in bed or at your desk. It has a gold iron finish and white glass spheres for $69.99. The thin base can be placed anywhere, even in the tightest spots.

The Best Standing Lamps For Under $75

Acrylic Pendant Light Fabric-made lampshades create a soft look in any room, but if you prefer a smooth look, this Burwell floor lamp has a gorgeous copper lampshade finish for $73.99. The metal legs and steel shade make an optimal accent piece in a modern living room. Combine the lamp with cool tones, like sage, for a relaxing feel.